The Story Behind the Name

Okay, there really is no specific story…  It’s more like a lifetime of learning humility.

You see, there are two things about me that have been wildly consistent in my lifetime.

1) I spill A LOT. My mom used to joke that she was “the second best spiller” in her family. I am 100% positive I inherited that gift.

2) I make a lot of spelling mistakes. Which, I must admit is probably the most embarrasing (I’m going to leave that there for you solely to prove my point) aspect of life for me. Not adult acne (seriously why are you still around?) or my inability to catch really anything flying at me (this is why I like running)… it’s spelling. This copy editor, this girl who LOVES to write literally sits on the “Wait, I comes before what vowel again?” struggle bus all day long.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do try. I pay attention to where the valuables are when I flail my hands around to make a point (well, most of the time). I pay attention to what words I spell incorrectly and do my best to intentionally spell them correctly the next time. But, as in all things, there is a Murphy’s Law. When I really really try to do the right thing, I still somehow get it wrong.

That is why I’ve named this blog “Coffee Stains + Spelling Mistakes” because this title is pretty catchy and original #MarketingPloy… JUST KIDDING… well mostly… No, it’s within these aspects of life – the ones we seem to never get right – that we must learn how to embrace humility. This is the area of life that we grow in character, that we become the best version of ourselves. This is the avenue of life that we truly are authentically ourselves.

Vulnerable. Raw. Real.

And, this is the Rachel I want to share with you.


As a side note: if you happen to be inspired and want to purchase me a dictionary or lots and lots of rags, go for it. That would be quite kind of you and my husband would be real grateful.