About Me

Hey there! My name is Rachel. Not sure how you found me here.

Maybe you really like the name Rachel Peñate, or you were scouring the Internet desperate for help in getting out a coffee stain… you probably won’t find that answer here. So sorry. But, whatever the reason, I invite you to stay a while. Pull up a chair, brew that cup of coffee, and take a journey with me. Life is meant to be shared together, preferably with lots of laughter and an ungodly amount of baby and puppy pictures.


(I dare you to tell me I’m not right.)

My life is pretty straightforward: 

This is Robbie… I’m married to him. He’s pretty much the bee’s knees. We were wed on a lovely fall day in 2012.


(photo cred: to the ever talented Avenue Creative)

We have two dogs… This is Bear (or Bear Cat, or Berry Bear, or Rascal)


This is Gus (or Gus Bus, or Gussy Gus, or Butthead)img_5013

And one sweet little girl, Cecilia Rose!


And, in the five years (and counting) we’ve been married, we haven’t looked back once. The Lord has given us so much and for that we are so grateful.

I’m still not so sure why I have this blog. As far as I know, its mostly a selfish pursuit of writing – something that brings me so much joy. Something that has the power to bring peace to my soul. But, this is my little corner of the Internet and I sure am happy that you are here.

In addition, It’s probably important to mention that I am mildly obsessed with a few other things: Switchfoot, The Green Bay Packers, Reading, Running, the Ocean, good coffee, traveling, and chocolate chip cookies. If I could have them all at once, I may just die of unadulterated joy.